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How It Works

Horsin' Around operates as a dry bar. This means you simply purchase the alcohol, and we take care of the rest. We ensure to make it as straight forward as possible with a detailed supply lists so there is no need to stress but to rather get you ready for your unforgettable event. Horsin' Around gives the best drinks, service and the best overall experience for your custom event.

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Fully pick and choose your desired rentals and services

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We take pride in building a relationship with each and every customer to ensure that together, we can make their dream event come to life.

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How to build your event

Its that simple, get an idea what you want , fill out our form, consider it done

Step 1

Go to Contact Page:
1. Fill out personal info
2. When/Where event is 
3. Duration of your event

Step 2

1. Select your dream rentals for your event

Step 3

1. Select your desired drink package 
2. Select # of people attending
3. Select bartending

Final Step

1. Submit form
2. Receive Quote in 1-3 business days
3. Receive material list for drinks 1-2 weeks
4. Never hesitate to reach out with anything!

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